Friday, May 15, 2009

rock art

website jewelry, originally uploaded by keeshagirl4.

how cool is this? dillon made it for me, by gathering up all th rocks and then writing, "Lemoncholy's Studio" on them. then i took the picture. i'm saving the rocks to use in website photos showing off merchandise or i was thinking it would look cool in a shadow box or old frame and glue them down.


  1. great idea, looks cool! have a sweet weekend!

  2. How cool. It's so nice that your son takes what you do seriously.


  3. This is so sweet! Must have made you get a little teary eyed.
    And the work you have been doind is to die for! You are so talented, everything you make is so lovely.
    I sent you an envie and got it back. I was reusing an envie and the label I put on it came off, so I got it back. This time I am going to use new envie. I guess recycling isn't always the way to go LOL!!

  4. Hi Keica.. came by via facebook...hopr your son is better he will be in my prayers tonight...xoxoxo laura

  5. I say pull up the plank of timber, glue those beautiful pebbles down.


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