Friday, May 1, 2009

Artnsoul goings on

Jane and i arrived here on wednesday. we left my house and drove to Cape May where we boarded the 80 minute ferry ride to Delaware. had it been a nicer day, i think we would have enjoyed it more. but, it was dark and cloudy with ominous skies and churning ocean waters. the ferry was swaying horribly and at the end, i started to feel queasy. but it was smooth sailing after that. we stopped several times to hit some antique stores (they were ok), but it was fun to look. we arrived at our hotel and i immediately ran into many friends, which is always the most fun part of these retreats.
yesterday i took a class on making a paper mache bird out of wire. it was much harder that it looked! i had a hard time controlling all the different wires sticking out and my bird body kept getting misshapened. i think the teacher fixed it 3 times for me! when everyone was ready to paper mache, i decided my bird body needed more oomph, so i spent some extra time fattening him up. (i don't have my card reader, or i'd post a picture of it). the bird sits on a stick, which is our wand. it was fun, i enjoyed it. after i finish it up, i'll post some pictures.
today i didn't take a class, but relaxed. i did some banking to get ready for vendor night, ran into a few stores and then came back, had lunch with friends and then starting going through the jewelry i am selling to make sure it was all priced. so that's it, you are now caught up! vendor night is tomorrow, wish me lots of sales!


  1. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed & say a little prayer that all will go well...but I know it will b/c you do awesome work..have fun ENJOY - let us know all the goings on...sweet dreams! Peace 2 "U" Marlene

  2. BEst of luck!!

  3. wishing you lots of sales talented lady!

  4. Artnsoul in Delaware?....Where? I live in Dover. I know what you mean about the ferry ride. Cape May has soooo many beautiful shops. But we are tax free.Today it is just pouring. Wish I'd known about it sooner.....I would of found your booth. Good luck and have a safe ride back! Terri


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