Monday, May 11, 2009

paper mache bird in cage

i found this birdcage at Michael's and decided it needed a little birdie to live inside of it. the bird is paper mache and she is sitting on a wire nest i wove. the nest is sitting on a kid's wooden block, "B" for bird! her feathers are real feathers found in my very own back yard. i learned how to make the bird while in Hampton, from Jan Harris. my goal is to make them smaller and smaller and eventually have some little ones to use in jewelry.


  1. Hi! I LOVE your birdie! You are such an amazing artist! I read your story on Creative inspiring!!! Congrats for being a featured artist! Have a GREAT day!

  2. Kecia, this is awesome, love the paper mache bird, the wire ship is brilliant, a fantastic piece of artwork all round:)

  3. I love the bird - she looks so cozy in her birdcage - I look forward to seeing the birds made into jewelry!

  4. Your little birdie looks so happy in her new home. And I just love her colors. You have such a imagination!


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