Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nest spoon pendant

i've been creating some new pieces for my sept. show down in Bloomsbury, NJ. it is a 2 day show. it is about 2 hours from here so i am kidnapping dillon to come and help. we won't have enough coverage for tucker for jeff to go and also with all of kirby's meds, someone has to be there to give her what she needs. dillon and i are spending the 2 nights at a cute little B&B. we'll be on the 3rd floor and we both get our own rooms. i think it will be fun. dillon, will probably be bored!


  1. looks really nice on that spoon!! we are having a great time driving to new hampshire, we stopped at some cool places including the cemetary robert frost is buried in....xo

  2. I love this piece and no, Dillon won't be bored. "Sell down to the tablecloth" and have nothing but good and cheerful customers and a great old time. You deserve it.

  3. This piece is just breathtaking! Congrats on your work catching the eye of the editor at Altered Couture! You always create such lovely work! Thought i'd peek in too to let you know I am having a gratitude giveaway on my blog if you'd like to take a peek!
    Take Care


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