Tuesday, September 9, 2008

kind of braggy, but fun for me

many of my friends (especially Laurel!) have been encouraging me to submit some of my art and jewelry for publications, but i've not really done anything about it. so i was pleasantly surprised today to get an etsy conversation from the managing editor of Altered Couture:

Hello,My name is Beth Livesay and I am the managing editor of Altered Couture. We are a top-selling, national fashion DIY magazine that encourages readers to alter or embellish their clothing. We display these creations in our magazine in various chapters. We also offer our readers challenges and encourage them to assemble and alter whole outfits from thrift store finds. I came across your ETSY store and really liked what I saw.I am taking on this managerial role from another editor and I really want to diversify the quality and quantity of what we are portraying. I encourage you to visit Borders or Barnes & Noble or our Web site (www.stampington.com) to learn more about our publication. Right now we are working with a deadline of September 15th for our winter issue if you have anything to submit. Again, clothes and accessories must be altered in some way, or made from other clothing. Which is why I like that you stamped your clutch. Our goal is to showcase the best in the upcycled and refashioned world. I would love to have you involved and helping out with this magazine. Should you need to contact me, do not hesitate. My e-mail address is blivesay@stampington.com.Thank you for your time. Cheers,Beth

so i've emailed her to see how to proceed.
update: i will be submitting 4 of my altered bags. i just finished typing up all the instructions, products used, etc. gosh, that was exhausting! it will be mailed tomorrow.


  1. Kecia! That is not braggy at all! What a great compliment and you are very deserving. Awesome work! Yay for you!


  2. How frickin' frakkin' cool is THAT????? Congrats mucho, muchacha!

  3. way to go miss! and i can say i knew you just before you became uber famous! run with it... it's very exciting. hip hip hurrah!

    take care

  4. super duper congrats! That is so cool to be approached out of the blue like that! Best of luck moving forward with her!

  5. You Brag Girl, Good for You, How Exciting, keep us Posted. Jamie

  6. See? and you always tell me that I compliment you because we are friends. If I told you once I told a thousand times that I am proud of the way your art has evolved in the past couple of years, and Barry and I look forward to spend time with you when you get here in October.

    PS: I left a url for you in my blog about the saw, and yes we do have the same drill press. Don't you just love it? It has been in a box for a couple of years so it was great to get it out!

  7. How smart of her to find you! Lucky them to have you submit something.


  8. very cool Kecia! Is it a Somerset publication? I always thought your stuff would be a perfect fit for them. Kudos!

  9. Congratulations, Kecia!!! Your work is fabulous and SHOULD be published!!! I was one of Stampington's "Artists-on-Call" for over 2 years, so I know first-hand what it's like to have to write up articles, directions, etc. and get it all packaged up and sent to them. But it is such an awesome feeling to actually see your hard work published!!! And Stampington does a wonderful job of photographing art. You SHOULD be proud.... and brag away, girl!!!


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