Tuesday, September 2, 2008

kirby update

thanks everyone for sending support about kirby - i can tell we are all animal lovers. i am always in such awe about how much animals mean to us. and how difficult it is to say goodbye to our beloved friends. i'll say it again, i just hate that. i know i am not alone as so many of you have mentioned losing a pet and how hard it was. most of the time, i like animals more than people. (except for my blog friends, of course!) animals are just so nice, they always love you and they are always so darn happy to see you. kirby is doing pretty well. she's on her seizure meds and something for high blood pressure. she sees a vet on friday to draw levels and we go from there. it's a day by day thing for sure. kirby and i will be having a slumber for however long? i'm going to be sleeping in the living room with her with the gate closed and i will take her outside during the night if she has to go pee (a side affect of her seizure meds). it was disrupting the household with dillon having to get up 3 times last night, walk up from the basement and then take her outside. then they were waking up jeff and tucker. so this is the solution for now. dillon starts school tomorrow, so he will need his sleep. me, i don't mind doing it all.

pardon my wrinkly toe, but i thought i'd show you my nice little boo boo. it happened this morning when i was watering and a pair of shutters fell on top of both feet -the right foot taking the brunt of it. after a very upsetting morning with a person that shall not be named, the stress of kirby and the sheer pain, i just burst into tears. then i grabbed the garden hose and just started spraying the heck out of both toes to numb the pain as quick as possible. later i took tucker to the beach for a nice walk on the boardwalk, but paid the price - since i couldn't wear tennis shoes because my right foot is so darn sore, i wore my flip flops and now everything aches: knees, hip, low back, you name it.


  1. Glad Kirby'w feeling better. Sounds like you need a good 'ol art retreat ~ see you in Portland!

  2. Hope your foot feels better soon - it's hard being one of the walking wounded. I think Kirby will feel a lot better with you sleeping by him.


  3. so nice to see kirby enjoying the water! so cute - so sorry you have a boo boo - good to have a burst of tears tho' - kirby will LOVE your sleepovers' together - hug her for me - mom

  4. oh dear! I hate when that happens. Beloved is always telling me I need steel toe shoes, because if there is something falling I am sure to be under it somehow.

    Get some Epson salts and hot water and put that foot to rest inside a pail until the water cools. Then get a bag of ice and put it on top of the booboo. Sounds crazy but it works, at least it works for me. The salts deal with the inflammation of the tissue and the ice cools the effect of the blood in the booboo. You need to come so we can pamper you for a while. Looking forward to that part,

  5. ouch! That looks so painful! hugs,


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