Monday, September 8, 2008

birthday countdown

about 6 days until i turn #44. yikes! where has the time gone? to celebrate my birthday, i'm having a blog giveaway. all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me a favorite birthday memory. i'll start with one of mine: there were the token parties when you are little. once my mom had a "hobo" party, which was really fun. she took bandanas and wrapped them on sticks which we carried over our shoulders going to a picnic. i think our food was inside the bandanas. but my favorite party is a surprise party that i planned for myself when i turned 30. we lived in Las Vegas for awhile and the party was held in Ventura, California at my grandmother's house. my mom and sister, Kim, hosted it. i sent her my guest list (i had many friends in Ventura as i use to live there too) and they did the rest. jeff and i rented an RV and drove with Tucker and Dillon. it was really fun. i got great gifts, one being a huge cement garden dog, that i named Bailey. Bailey has travelled every where i've moved and is out front in my garden still. we had a pinata and i wore this really cool vintage dress.
also, wishing my friend, Joanne, a birthday hello as we share the same birthday!


  1. My favorite birthday is always my next one; I really enjoy things more and more each year. I'll be thinking of you on the 19th (it'll be my 60th).

    your birthday twin

  2. Hey, happy almost birthday!

    My favorite birthday moment... my husband surprised me with a trip to Austin a couple of years ago and we ended up with a freak ice storm driving through the hill country (central) of Texas. It was goregous and cold in April which never happens!

  3. No real favorites, but the next one is always the one to look forward to.

    There is something about birthdays that makes me nostalgic for the old days, when I was very very young and birthdays were always filled with school friends and cousins, and cake and pastries and no one knew what a diet was. So happy birthday sweet pea and many happy returns of the day while we start to celebrate from today.

  4. Happy Birthday Countdown, Kecia - It has been so special to find you in "blogland" and discover that you had spent a few years in Ferndale - just over the river (but not through the woods) from where I live. My favorite birthday memory is my eleventh. Elvis Presley was a huge hit then and my best friend gave me a wallet with Elvis' picture on it. His songs stirred up my budding pre-teenage puberty, that's for sure!

  5. My birthdays in the past have featured some rather spectacular excesses - like the one when I had a dinner at a restaurant and was left with a $400tab AFTER people had chipped in, and then continued into the dawn with random drug intake and boozing, followed by my call to 911 convinced I was OD'ing, but they told me I sounded ok, and then I hung up when they said they would have to send a police car along with the ambulance. (Shudder) Thank GOD that is very far in the past. My birthday is the 25th of this month! 57. Not to be believed.

  6. It's your birthday!!!!! September is a great month for a birthday, I am right behind you Sept 24th and a few years older!!!!!
    But what a great time of life, can't wait to actually meet you in October!!!!
    So do you do the birthday everyday for the month of September? Great way to get lot's of gifts :)

    xoxoxo Cindy

  7. happy happy!! my favmemory is when i was about 6 or 7 and i got like 5 or 6 new pairs of shoes especially a pair of green suede with double side buckles..i still think about the sweet shoes every now & then......that must have started my obsession with shoes!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I don't have one memory, but several. All of my birthdays when I was little were fun and creative. My Mom & big sister (she was 12 years older) made everything for my big day. They made cookie shaped beanbags to toss in Cookie Monsters mouth one year. When I was six I had a circus themed party, complete with a clown (big sis dressed in a patchwork mens suit and 7 months pregnant) and a baby tiger (baby nephew playing in the playpen dressed in a tiger onesie.) In this day of outrageously expensive kids parties and Chuck E Cheese, I really look back on my "home made" birthdays fondly. From one September baby to another, hope yours is memorable!

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a wonderful day full of nice things for you!

    A favorite birthday memory? Last year, although technically I stopped celebrating many years ago :) My best friend took me to a Moroccan resturante that I was fascinated with and had being trying to go to for 15 years (no joke!), but fate just never seemed to allow. She moved heaven and earth ... and kept it all a surprise until we were outside the front doors!! That food tasted so good!

  10. Happy birthday Kecia! Lets see, my favorite birthday was when I turned 40... When I opened up the shop the morning of my birthday the place was decorated in all black garbage sacks on the walls, dead black roses in vaces. I sign was put uup in the road for people to come in ans wish my happy 40th birthday! What a day! Later there was a surprise birthday party... I had the best time!

  11. Happy (early) Birthday!

    Well, I am coming out of lurking for this one, teehee. My birthday is actually tomorrow, the 10th. The best thing about my birthday is that I share with with my grandpa who I have always been very close to. I don't know about "favorite" memory, but around age 2 or 3 I distinctly recall a clown cake with some really cool plastic balloons...the cool cake stuff you can't get any longer (and I dislike clowns now...)but the most special on my birthday that I ever felt was when I was maybe 5 and I woke up and my whole house was decorated for a party. I still remember that feeling...of being special.

    Happy Birthday!!! xox-Jennifer (pink hair girl)


    I found your blog through Deryn and can't wait to visit often!

    My most favorite birthday memory is blowing out the candles on my yummy angel food cake with bright green frosting that my mom would bake for me-she would make these pretty cakes every year and it was so fun for me!

    Best wishes for you,
    Tami R.

  13. happy birthday!! i will be 44 this year also ~ pearl harbor day, 12/07!
    one of my favorite bday memories was my 40th. i was unsure how i felt about the big 40. i kind of thought it would slip by with out much fanfare. wrong!! my wonderful husband and some incredible friends threw a surprise "beach party themed" party. friends and family came from near and far, those who could not make it sent video greetings. i was "roasted" with funny memories and some embarassing moments. i felt so loved that is still a very special memory!

    enjoy your birthday, best wishes to you!

    ~kris edwards

    ps love your blog!!

  14. 1964 was a great year! I'll be 44 in exactly one month. I was born on my aunt's 13th birthday so we have always had a special relationship. I remember celebrating HER 40th birthday and *whew* it wasn't that long ago.

    Happy birthday, Kecia!


  15. Happy Birthday Kecia, you art diva!

    My favorite birthday as a kid was when I was 6 and I got a cool Barbie doll and we got hamburgers and root beer floats from A&W. My family lived in a small square house and the party was in a bedroom I shared with my sister as it was the biggest room in the house. My school friends and I got so amped up on sugar that we ran around in a circle from room to room. There were doors that led to each room in a square and kind of like those amusement park rides that go round and round. There was so much laughing and shrieking I don't know how my mom could stand it, but she did. I still remember I wore a satiny dress with that see through organza and it was pink.

    My best birthday as a grown up was when I lived in an alternative living commune, I turned 29 and had the idea to have a wet t-shirt contest and there were at least 20 women there. It was evening and we put some standing lamps on the back deck so people could see and take pictures. One of the husbands was in charge of the buckets of water he doused each woman in and by accident some water got on one of the lightbulbs and blew and it was pandemonium. We had so much fun that 21 years later we are still talking about it.

    I hope your birthday was somewhere in between on the fun scale. You are a real cutie and have a super smile. Hope I see you at A&S in Portland.

    Catherine Witherell


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