Friday, September 5, 2008

i just wanted to share this story because i think it is nice and i didn't think about how nice it really was for me to do this until i just reshared it with an online group discussing "trades". last year when i went to Artfest, everyone was in a frenzy about "trades" (trading is making things and then trading them with other people on the retreat, who also made trades). it is a lot of fun and you come home with the neatest things. it is really fun. the first night at Artfest is the best night for trading. it is an all out event for sure. i had my bag of trades, but i had also brought an extra bag of goodies, some leftover shrinky dink charms just waiting for some attention. i brought them with the intentions of giving them to someone who didn't know about trades so that could play along. sure enough, about an hour into arriving i found a woman all alone and no clue what trades were. i was watching her watch the unfolding and i bet she was thinking, i wish i knew about this.... so i handed them to her and said, "now go have some fun trading". i ran into her later and she was so appreciative that i did that. so something to think about if you are heading off to a retreat and have some extra goodies about, pack them up and give them to the first person who tells you "i don't have any trades".....
Kirby update:
kirby had her first check up today since the seizure and it went well. they checked her blood pressure three times in a 20 minute period. the first time it was high and then the after that it was good. could be anxiety, etc. they drew blood, gave her a rabies shot and will check her thyroid and for heart worms. we discussed her new diet and added a few supplements to it. knock on wood, but i feel like she's doing well and looking good. we are aiming to get her to lose 10 pounds; which now that table scraps and sodium are a big NO NO, i'm hoping that will happen easily. i've changed and decreased her dog food (to something all natural) and then have added a diet of home cooked food (green beans, chicken, zuchinni, carrots, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes). pepper and gracie are also benefitting from the new food. Speaking of Pepper, she's a few pounds overweight as well, so yesterday she started her new walking regime with me. we walked the new neighborhood and to the lake. she did great, but was a tad tired when she got home!
bird alert: after living in NJ for 12 years, i've never seen a Cedar Waxwing here. while walking with Pepper the other day, i noticed 2 juvenile waxwings hanging out on a tree in my neighbor's yard. yesterday they were still there. curious..........


  1. It takes the generous heart to see the need when none appeared to exist.
    You have one and then some, and I love you for it.

    I am so happy about Kirby, she is going to be fine and we will keep on sending her Reiki until she is back to her old self, but this time healthy.


  2. You are so sweet and thoughtful!!! It's nice to know there still are some kind, generous people in the world yet. I hope Kirby continues to show improvement. I had to have my beloved pug, Otis, put down several days ago because of his bad health. It is soooo hard to have to say good-bye to such a loyal little friend after 12 years of having him a part of my family. Take care...I think of you and wish we lived closer so we could hangout together!


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