Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silver Sunday

Linking up with Beth of Gypsy Fish Studios today for Silver Sunday

this was really hard to get a photo of. it's a really old 3 paneled vanity mirror. i picked it up in Maine this summer. I like to use it as shows on my table. this last show it broke at the show, so i had my girlfriend, Jane, go and sew me a quick flower to cover up the biggest part of the break. i think it adds to its charm.


this is an old silver teapot that i like to house "long" items in (such as knitting needles, paint brushes, rulers, screw drivers, etc.)


and then another cool silver/pewter tea pot. this one holds some of my vintage scissors (also silver!)


  1. What a wonderful vanity mirror, love the flower too... what a great ideal to show off your silver, and keep things where you can find them too!!!

  2. Hi Kecia,
    the mirror photo is outstanding. It is hard to realize, what object ist is. If you had not told us, I couldn't guess it. It looked miraculous. The mirror is a treaure. And your silver items look lovely, too.
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. Hi Kecia, I love what you have done with all the old silver pc's. I hope to someday have a nice craft room where I can do the same... It has such a warm glow to it, and adds so much character! The mirror is beautiful! Such a shame about the break! What a clever idea to cover it with a flower!! Have a wonderful Sunday!! ;p

  4. great silver pieces! i love how the teapot looks with all of your scissors.

  5. Lovely silver pieces. It's too bad about the mirror but at least it's still usable.

  6. Love that teapot. It is perfectly tarnished!

  7. Congratulations on your bracelets being published! The flower makes a great cover up. :)
    Have a great week.

  8. Everything is beautiful as always. I really enjoy you blog and ideas. I collect silver vessels too and may borrow your storage ideas. The bracelets are to die for.

  9. You photographed the mirror beautifully! I didn't even notice the crack until you mentioned it. And I love how you're using the silver for real utility purposes, just perfect.

  10. I love all the collections you have in the tea/coffee pots...that mirror looks really cool with the flower on it.

  11. I love that you've been using these pieces for everyday-I've got some of those just stuck in cabinets!!!!

  12. I'm late getting to all the Silver Sunday posts so am trying to catch up this evening before the next one rolls around. The silver filled with the brushes, is a nice touch, but I especially liked the one with scissors. I've a passion for scissors myself. Fun to see yours! Thanks for sharing. ~ sarah


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