Monday, November 15, 2010

my girl Loo Loo

Meet LooLoo, a doll i've been working on. I was inspired to make her after i found these darling miniature converse sneakers. She has a lot of attitude and spunk. She doesn't put up with a lot of drama, but she has a very kind heart; despite her rather condescending look! she likes to wear vintage crinoline skirts with her sneakers and as you can see, she is participating in my Top Hat Blog Hop.

there's still plenty of time to participate in my blog hop - details here. just decorate a top hat and on Dec. 3rd, come on over and link up your post showing us your hat. (i'm really hoping you all will pose wearing your hats - be proud of yourself and show them off!)

**and just for the record, let it be known that I've been experimenting with paperclay for awhile in various projects and that this is how i used it in a doll. Paperclay and dolls go hand and hand and no one has creative rights over it. this is just my version using the materials i have on hand.**


also i am guest blogging over at ObjectsandElements - come see my latest project!


  1. Love her!!! Spunky little devil

  2. OMG!!! your doll is sooo aweseom.
    OK, Im going to tellyou that I will do your top hat challange, but I have 14 bears to make first. so If I dont get them done by then that I wont be able to do it. OK.. keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer! I have ideas swirling around in my brain! I'll probably be doodling top hats at work today!
    have a sweet week girlfriend!

  3. WOW! She's fantastic! I love her!!!


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