Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tree decorating tip

Okay, so today i wanted to post an easy tree decorating tip that helps bring volume and oomph to your tree.

it's quite simple!

you need some pipe cleaners and glass balls.

1) take a pipe cleaner and feed it through 1 glass ball. twist it so it is secure. do this 2 more times, so that you end up with 3 glass balls twisted with pipe cleaner. (you can feed one pipe cleaner through all 3 balls, but i found that the balls don't stay tight like that, so to make them stay tight once you've twisted them onto a branch, i would do one pipe cleaner per ball.)

2) then twist the 3 balls together so that you are forming a "ball bunch"

3) then twist your little bunch onto a section of your tree.

** you can tie them so that they hang under the branch OR i like to tie them so that they are sitting on top of the branch.

that's it!

what this does is that it fills up spaces in the tree that you wouldn't achieve by simply hanging one glass ball at a time.

tomorrow i will post some pictures of my beautiful tree!


also a reminder that the top hat blog hop deadline is fast approaching. we are posting on Friday Dec. 3rd, which is coming up, so don't forget! you can read the original post here, if you need to be caught up on what i am talking about!


  1. Lovely. Nothing like Pipe cleaners and vintage Christmas balls to get your nostalgia on.

  2. Love it! I think it actually makes those vintage balls more stable too...rather than a wire hook. Anyways, great idea! :)


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