Saturday, January 17, 2009


It is very important to me that i create every day. I find it very calming and relaxing and it gives me purpose. it helps my grief and channels that sadness into something positive. as i quietly mentioned to someone recently, "i sustained a life altering, horrible and traumatic experience. those feelings have to surface somewhere as i still find it difficult to talk about. my friend, Z, likes to call me "prolific", which according to the dictionary means "turning out many products of the mind ". i like that; that sounds like me. to give you insight into myself, i have to tell you that i work very hard at making beautiful things. i am very picky and often redo things several times. not that i want them to be "perfect" but because i don't like to sell things that are not up to my expectations. i'd like to think that i am creating more of an heirloom quality. i want to create things that will sustain over time, not get toss into the donate pile as their appeal wears off. but sometimes i wonder, "where am i going with this" or "should i be making all these things"?, "will they sell"?, etc. not unusual questions for an artist to pose to themselves i suppose. So i found it interesting to read in the letter to the editor from Jenny Doh in the latest issue of Belle Amoire where she was responding to somone commenting on another artist being "lucky". Jenny felt that luck really wasn't revelant about this artist, because this particular artist had an ongoing commitment to make new things. jenny said "when we are hard at work with focus and discipline as we toil at our craft day in and day out... we are preparing ourselves for the arrival of opportunity... indeed, preparing to embrace luck."
inside i felt good after reading that; almost as if she put my feelings into words and helped me see where i am headed.
Opportunity has been showing itself lately and i am trying really hard to put any self doubts aside and make the most of it. i deserve opportunity as much as the next person.


  1. Of course you do! You are a kind, caring, hardworking, creative and lovely person. You deserve the whatever opportunities come your way. You earned them.

  2. Your Beautiful Inside and Out and it shows in all of your work. Sieze every oppurtunity that happens to come your way too..Keep Strong, Jamie

  3. Kecia, never doubt that you deserve every good thing that crosses your path!

    Carpe Diem.

  4. I've got to tell you that when we took Cindy Forrester's class my impression of you was that you are so focused. You just get right in and get down to what needs to be accomplished. I think that is truly an admirable and impressive quality to possess!

  5. Your inner beauty and the love you have for your craft show in all your pieces. I know good things will come your way.

  6. Opportunity happens. You deserve recognition for your artistry and many accomplishments.


  7. Kecia, you have a beautiful soul and natural artistic talent. You put your heart and soul into each piece you create and it shows. I hear you about having that creative outlet. Trying not to self doubt oneself when opportunities do arise. Because if any one deserves these opportunities it is you my dear.


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