Saturday, January 31, 2009

cool tutorial

i've been working with Gail Schmidt of Mind Wide Open. Gail has some online classes and that is how i met her. she is teaching a tutorial on Elements and creating brushes, so i signed up. then i started talking with her about creating a new banner for me. she does lovely work and is very accomodating. we are in the process of finalizing my new banner, so it won't be long soon!Currently on her blog, she's got a great tutorial on making wings. the tutorial was written by Rosanna Pereyra.
So my article in Altered Couture is out. it was a piece done on my altered vintage handbags. An editor of the magazine found me on etsy and suggested i send them in as a submission. i have a few more things i am sending in for submission to that same magazine and Belle Amoire jewelry. my article starts on page 96 in case you don't want to buy the magazine, you can just quickly peek at it!
i've met so many people lately thru OWOH as they stop by my blog and leave comments for mygiveaway. then i go to their blogs and enter their giveaway. i met two girls that i really enjoyed their work and they really enjoyed my work, so i suggested we do swaps with each other, a necklace for a painting and a doll. i was very happy that they were so receiptive to the idea of bartering with each other. i love collecting art that way, as it has much more meaning to me. i've also got some one on one Valentine's swaps going with my friends, Kelly, Leighanna and Kim. i will be mailing their goodies out soon.
Benedetta does primitive folk art, which i just adore and her giveaway for OWOH is a darling picture of a black cat. so i asked her if she could paint something similar for me, but using my kitty, Pebbles, as her muse. it you pop over there, you can see the piece she did for me. (i peeked!) it is sooo cute! i can't wait to get it.
my other new friend is Kim, of Once upon a blue crow. Kim also does primitive art, which obviously i have a fondness for. she does lovely dolls and paintings of sweet girls with darling hairdos and huge eyes. so kim is making me a doll in exchange for a necklace.
i made them necklaces that are similar to the one in my OWOH giveaway, since that is what they liked. i did change them up a bit, so that each piece can still be called, one of a kind. i'll post their necklaces later as i don't know if they want to be surprised or not. so i'll wait til they receive them.


  1. OWOH has been so much fun. It looks like the number of entries this year has doubled. It's been such a great way to find other blogs and reach across to get to know other people.

    Excited to see your new banner.


  2. Ooh a new blog look, very excited to see it :)

    Now that I'm back in the art mood I hope to join OWOH next year. It's 'far away' right now but I plan to join at least one other trade/swap/gift event this year.
    Slow start but at least I'm doing it.

    Keep an eye out for my own blog transformation. Been tired of my blog look for quite sometime and finally have some time to play around with it ha !

    Take care , tracy ♥

  3. Hi Kecia,
    I was thinking along the same lines and I definitely want it to be a surprise! I love Benedetta's work too-so sweet! Heading off to the Post Office in the morning...Have a great Super Bowl Sunday. None of my teams made it so I'll be creating. :]


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