Friday, June 20, 2008

take a deep breath cuz- the hot tub's been fixed!

i know, it's only been broken since feb. - it only took 4 months for the company to get it fixed! (note to all considering buying a hot tub - don't get it through Costco. although Costco has done their part in trying to get this thing fixed, the blame lies with company). tuck is out of school for a 2 week break, so we've been taking advantage of the tub, putting him in it after he wakes up in the morning and then again before he goes to bed. he just loves the heat and it gives his muscles a chance to relax. i bought this little netted floaty thing with a noodle that helps gets him buoyant.

here's our nice view while sitting in the hot tub, listening to the birds and enjoying the quite of our backyard. tuck was almost falling asleep!

also, i checked on the robin's egg a few days ago and i noticed it was buried a little bit under more nesting material. buried to the point where you could hardly see it. so then this morning i took another peeked at it and noticed the egg was unburied again. but on closer inspection, i realized that this was new egg and the other egg was buried underneath it! curious!

Sunday Mary Ellen and i are heading into NYC to Chinatown. we want to hit Pearl River Mart. i don't know what we are doing after that 'cuz i told Mary Ellen she could do the planning and that i was along for the ride.


  1. Ahh, looks relaxing! And Love the Beautiful piece below!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Hooray! :) Looks like both of you are enjoying it -- glad it's not the heatwave like we had 2 weeks ago.

    Love the new stuff too -- I keep looking and reading but am hard pressed to make time to comment. Work limited my blogger access - I can read through Google reader, but I can't click through to comment. Looks like you had a great time in PA at the flea/antique markets.

  3. great shot of you & tucker!!

  4. You must be a wonderful mother. I see the love.

  5. Looks like Tucker is so relaxed in that hot tub. So wonderful and relaxing for him
    Have a great weekend

  6. Hooray on finally getting the hot tub back in order. I'm sure it relaxes Tucker and makes things easier for getting him ready for the day and ready for bed.



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