Monday, June 2, 2008

new icon

I'm so bummed i didn't think to take a picture of this lady before i altered her. i picked up her portrait at a flea market last week. it's a good size picture, 11x14 and i got her for $3 which i thought was a bargain. as soon as i saw her, i thought, i'm going to alter her up good! her name is Judith (i gave her that name) and i wrote in one of the bubbles, " wearing a garden on her head often makes Judith feel better". isn't she great?


  1. She definitely wants to be an original. :)

  2. She's lovely! And she's right - wearing a garden on one's head sure does make one feel better =)

  3. Judith looks wonderful (must be the garden n her head). AND, the photo of the robins is delightful and your giant climbing rose bush is dazzling.



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