Friday, June 27, 2008

"Gatherings" book w/ Nina Bagley

Back in April (gee, it seems so long ago!) at Artfest, I took a class with Nina Bagley called, "Gatherings". in that class we started creating a book of gatherings. It is a book of books. it is layers of old books that have been embellished, journaled, glued, wired, collaged, shadowboxed, ribboned, etc. While in class i finished my cover and one other page (one page being a book). So yesterday and today after finding the rest of the books i had prepared for class, I decided to do some work on my gathering book. this is really a fun and unique project. if you ever have the chance to take Nina's "Gatherings" class, definitely do it. although, the Artnsoul class in Portland is full (but look for cancellations in sept. - it always happens: you have to check out the artnsoul yahoo group, that is where you'll find cancellations....) anyway, she is teaching it again in August (2 &3) at Valley Ridge Art Studio in Wisconsin . here are some pictures of the progress of my book.

this is a "page"


this is another "page"


this is my back cover


this is how the book looks after all the ribbons have been tied to hold it together.


  1. Oh wow! That has turned out so exquisite! I can just imagine it sitting on a table and flipping through it.

  2. Wow, that book is amazing, I'd love to take one of her classes, she seems like a real nice person.
    Your art is always evolving Kecia, it's so nice coming to your blog and seeing something new and different every time.

  3. wow Kecia, the book is beautiful. I dont think we have classes like this around where I live! which is too bad as I would love to take some!! Ive been away for the week and have sooo many projects to work on this weekend and finsh up!

  4. This is fantastic work Kecia! I love it!

    I am taking Nina's Gatherings class in Portland. Now, I am really excited. Thanks for sharing your beautiful book!

  5. just discovered your blog via someone else's - very cool book - love it!!! I will visit often - your pictures are beautiful. funny you mention the jersey shore i was just there for a wedding.

    take care,


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