Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another bird rescue

i feel really bad. this little guy caught his foot in between the pole where i have the birdfeeder hanging . not sure how he did it. but i was walking in the backyard and heard some fluttering and saw him dangling from the pole with his leg stuck. so we got him down. i am pretty sure he broke his leg, poor baby. i fed him saw water while jeff held him. after he calmed down, i ran him over to the SPCA where they will ship him out to the bird rehabber.


  1. look at that sweet face..
    you really are st francis in disguise...

  2. HI Kecia,
    its a good thing you went outside and noticed that poor little bird! dont you love when you have the honor of rescueing a little creature like that?!
    hey, posted a new swap.. PINKEEPS.
    you should check it out.
    and were you and I planning on doing our own swap also? we need to decide what and when.. we didnt yet right? (such a pityful memory!!)


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