Monday, June 9, 2008

my babies are leaving the nest

as i was getting Tucker ready for school today, i looked out his window and saw momma robin and a baby. she took off and the baby was hopping up and down the rungs on a ladder in the yard. fledgling day! so soon? weren't they just born? so i snuck out with my camera (ditching tucker!) and took some shots. i couldn't believe i was sitting right there when the mom flew in and brought some breakfast to the baby. such a great way to start the day! tomorrow i will show you a picture of the new babies we are watching! the fun never ends around here. also, this is a cool moth i found on my porch. i think it is hot and needed to rest (it's only 98 here today!). so i soaked a paper towel in sugar water and put it in front of it and it started drinking away.
update: actually, i found out this is a moth. we thought it was a pregnant butterfly, but since it's a moth, i am thinking that maybe that the body is usually chubby like that. we tried to let it go last night, but it didn't leave. i think it likes it here.


  1. that is a beautiful butterfly - is it really that red? do you usually have that kind of heat very often? sounds like it loved the sugar water! mom

  2. What great photos of the robins and that butterfly looks fabulous.

  3. You are just the greatest earth mother!! The butterfly photo creeps me out a little, though.
    I received my little ceramic dollies in the mail- I love them!!

  4. Wow! Those little fledglings are growing up and getting their colors so fast! I especially love the one with the feathers sticking out over it's head.
    Can't wait to see the developments of your weary winged houseguest!

  5. I have so enjoyed the baby birds follow along and now a butterfly that may have babies... what a awesome way to see God's little creations grow and come alive! thanks for taking the time to not only notice them, but taking photo's to share and expecially taking such kind care of them...

  6. you are funny, i think her husband was in my garage yesterday but he flew out this and jeff are the keepers of the forest creatures....

  7. Beautiful butterfly photo and I love the expression on the fledgling photo (they grow up so fast!).


  8. I think what you have in residence is a Tuliptree silk moth in the Giant Silkmoth family. The unusual white mark is pretty true to form. Ms. Kim has a fab moth, also. Love them both.

    xo Rella


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