Thursday, May 5, 2011

refections from the pool of pain - a note to a friend

today i was blog reading and was reading a blog post of a friend who is a 6 year cancer survivor. she shared many things with us, but most importantly, she shared what she has learned through the process. I am not a cancer survivor, but a survivor of what i like to refer to as "a life altering experience", so i could relate.

I wanted to leave her a little comment on her blog in response and before you know it, i had written a little essay. I have to say, it was so heartfully written (is that a real word?) that i decided to share what i wrote with you.
for all of you that has had to overcome pain and obstacles, this is for you as well.

There are some of us that cross the road during times of devastation. We looked both ways and we walked across. We have to handle a lot, maintain a sense of self, be brave, handle fear and more. Where is that road crossing? it crossed over into a different realm of this life, where we now view the world from a survivor's perspective. We shrug off trivialities (in the form of drama, gossip, meanness, etc). We know to appreciate the little things. We are observant to others pain and quick to observe who needs a little encouragement. Very importantly, we are too aware of the fragility of our existence. We've made a conscience decision to surrender any sort of control over this random blur of time, we call life. When we make it to the other side of the road, we have gained much wisdom. It's like passing a test - there are only a few who have achieved such a high grade. A+ to you my friend,



  1. And A+ to you my friend. I have seen first hand all the good you do in the world. No finer human being in my opinion! xoxo

  2. You take my breath away! And you are so right -- this was much of my message...we all have the possibility of challenges and life altering experiences and they come in so many forms. It's what we do with them, that is the true key to our survival and our ability to embrace life -- to see through those new lenses. You did write from your heart -- and those words flow in a way we never expect bringing all their beauty with them!! xo

  3. Your heartfelt thoughts are beautifully written. I'm sure what you have written has touched many people.


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