Sunday, October 19, 2008

well i think i'm caught up with sharing all my photos and artwork from Artnsoul AND my photos and pictures from Art is. I think i was probably a little crazy to do back to back art retreats, but it just sort of worked out that way. i took the red eye home, repacked and was headed to Connecticut 3 hours later. it definitely was crazy. i got so tired driving, i had to pull over at a rest stop on the parkway and take a nap. I'm glad i headed up to Connecticut as i had a wonderful time and made some great contacts and may possibly be doing some teaching there next year.

Now here's where i get even crazier, i'm leaving on Wednesday for California to take 2 days of classes with Cindy Forrestor. I'm going 2 days early and will get to spend time with my mom and meet her 2 new dogs, Blossom and Paddington, and also get to see my sister and niece who happens to be on fall break. we found a dog friendly hotel in Seal Beach and will find some fun things to do for 2 days before i head over to meet up with the retreat girls for a big shopping day on Friday.

and yes, when i get home, i will be taking a little break from traveling (but don't quote me!). i've got some holiday orders to start filling, a show in Nov. and a show in Dec. so i think that will keep me busy enough!


  1. your mom has another poochie-how great is that, please kiss them both for me!! and make sure you give cindy a huge hug from me!

  2. Hi Kecia,

    Now I know how you keep so thin - running from one art retreat to another! Do you dream about them, too? As for me, I'm practicing the Nina knots and trying to complete the bracelet I started in her class. Ah, me....


  3. You definitely have been busy - but doing such cool stuff. Hope you get to take it easy soon.


  4. Hi Chicklet--------
    Sounds like you are still running your artsy rear all over the globe! Can't wait to see more of what you did on your blog...especially after this weekend--hey--give our new friend Nancy a big hug for me-------
    hugs to you,


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