Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a few days with my mom, sister and niece in Seal Beach

at the dog beach in Huntington. Paddington (the retriever pup) doesn't seem to be too interested in going in the water. we had a great time there. dogs everywhere - it was like "doggie disneyland". that's me and erika's feet in the water.

this is a really cool store we made a pit stop at. the architectural elements were unbelievable.

saw this cute little yard when i went out for an early morning bike ride.


erika and i went out for a nice walk by ourselves, did a little shopping, got my hair cut, had some lunch. that's erika with her digital camera; just like her auntie.

cool gate at a garden center in town

shadow pic on my bike ride down at the beach

at the pier

a soon-to-be monarch butterfly

shadow pic of Blossom

erika swimming at the hotel pool. too cold for me!

flowers found on our walk
my mom and erika walking the pups

shadow picture of Paddington

more gorgeous flowers

at the garden nursey

kim and erika walking on main in seal beach

my rental car

miss blossom. isn't she the cutest? love that droopy ear! erika and i fought over who got to sleep with blossom each night since blossom is an awesome snuggler.

mom and her newest pup, Paddington


  1. what wonderful pictures..your niece is very beautiful..those pooches are living large!!!

  2. These are great pics, Kecia. I loved meeting your mom and Erika, that little one has the BEST hair ever! Enjoyed having lunch with them, please say hello from me. The puppies are beautiful.

    Love, T

  3. yes, great fun and great pictures - your friends are awesome - greek lunch yummy - a very fun and fast time - it was sad when it was over! pups in and out of the hotel room every half hour, racing downstairs before they would whiz on the rugs - they did well - dog beach looooooonnggggg, 90o weather with hundreds of dogs! sure wish there was some way to get in to that gaggle of swans near that oil field area, but did enjoy "what's new pussycat" at the other wetlands area - will send pictures when i get home and can upload them into my computer -
    today i scouted out some wetland near point mugu after reading on a seaglass blog that someone found seaglass at ormond beach, which is actually a pg&e plant and closed to the public - told me to go down to the next road, so i did - will go back before i leave for home on saturday - also lots birds i was told - paddington has grown even more - the pups are having fun at auntie's house, and love the big yard - miss blossom loves to hang out with ron - erika is running for school secretary so we had to make a poster for her lastnight - kim made her a cook's hat, and we took a cute picture which i will pass on to you - her election is tuesday - love all your pictures - sure was fun - hi and love to all - mom

  4. I am so thrilled to read that your mom has a new pup!!
    Your photos are rocking!

  5. Hi Kecia--

    Thanks for the pics--can't wait to see what you made in Cindy's class!

  6. great photos, Kecia! I love Seal Beach and go there often to take walks or have dinner.:)

    I'm so glad you spent a wonderful time with your family, and Miss Erika, what a doll!
    xo Lidy

  7. Oh Kecia,

    I am so glad I finally got to meet you in person, I already miss you!!!!! I enjoyed meeting your Mom and niece they are both really sweet and your neice is a beauty!!! Thank you so much for everything (your quiet strength), you and the girls are so special to me and I love you all. This was a time I will never forget and the friendships that were cemented and will last a lifetime, so we really need to start planning our next get together, I can't wait!!!! We also need that Kim to join us.

    Love you - Cindy

  8. Great Rental Car...lol
    I'm glad you had such a great time , what a fun place to hang out at , and you got to be with Jamie..she is a favorite of mine her jewelry rocks...

  9. Hi Kecia! Yes, how funny that we took pictures of the caterpillars and flowers at the garden! Looks like you had a splendid time that weekend as well and made great friends, too. I will keep an eye on your creative adventures and hopefully we can meet at another workshop in the near future. Take care~ Christine


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