Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pie Prom!

Here's me in my vintage prom gown going as my alter ego "Peggy Sue". The tiara is one i soldered.

here's me and Betty Zucker, with Elizabeth Duke peeking over my shoulder

other fabo prom divas. that's my new friend, Doris, in front, looking so devine!


the yummy pie!


Linda Willis


know this cutie? that's Joanna Perotti!


my new BFF Jane and i making our entrance


I just love this picture! we took it in the mirror with the flash on, which of course bounced off the mirror. we both decided that it looked like i am holding a fairy in my hands . love the smile on Jane's face.


  1. love your dress, your tiara, your fairy -- and the pie looks dee-lish.

  2. this looks like so much more fun than any prom I ever attended. You, and everyone you took photos of, look beautiful. And how fun to wear your beautiful tiara.


  3. That looked like so much fun. You look like the prom beautiful! Love the tiara. Miss you.
    xoxo Pam

  4. what a fun thing! Your dress looks great!

  5. those green gloves just take it all over the top and to the heaven's! you look gorgeous! the photos of everyone are so darn happy!

  6. I know those green gloves! you look great and I am glad you got to wear them there. Did you get the package yet? They said it was held up because of the holiday and knowing them they probably mean Christmas instead of Columbus Day, sigh.

    You look great and I hope you are relaxing after your world tour, lol.


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