Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween

this was a few years ago when i went out to a club as a ghoul bride. it was fun.


  1. This is a whole lotta look!!

  2. That's how I look when I wake up in the morning! Happy Halloween Miss Kecia...


  3. Kecia, I am so glad you jumped in with your post on defending Sally Jean... I am always so surprised how fast people are to jump down someones reputation and throat when life gets in the way... and yes, I do know how that is right now... Cruel words are so tossed by the internet and pa tience is so thin... Thank goodness there are many folks like you whose name aslo stands for positive thought!
    Love your morning outfit... rolf!

  4. oh this is great! i was scary vampire queen this year. my kids wouldn't even look at me. but i talked too much and my vamp teeth fell off. so i was just a sad slightly less scary but chatty vampire queen. happy halloweenie!

  5. I feel like that many mornings.. How fun

  6. Oh Darling, you look marvelous! Always love to come here and get caught up on your latest.

    All the best,


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