Friday, April 11, 2008

We interrupt this program

here's a picture of my mom's new puppy, Blossom, who is about 9 weeks old. Mom got her at the SPCA. she's already getting to know the lake and fetch sticks. guess the frisbee will be coming out soon. i know my mom is really happy with her. isn't she a cutie?
a shout out to my friend, Zhulia, whose darling little doggie, Pookie had to be put to sleep. thinking of you, sweetie.


  1. o my! blossom is a cutie!!
    what a face.
    love her!
    sorry to your friend that lost her little friend.

  2. oh my is right, her eyes are killer and i am so happy for your mom!! i want to kiss her sweet face and smell that puppy breath ..we might be talking a 10wk old deaf pup..more on that later...
    love you and you are here in spirit with me at artiscape...xox

  3. She's adorable!!!!! And kudos to your ma for gettin' one from the SPCA!

    Thanks for sending kind thoughts my way--I sure do miss my buddy!

  4. the picture of her in the water was hilarious - she didn't know where the sand ended and the water started, and as she was racing across the sand, she dove into the water and started floundering - it was shallow - i was caught between seeing if she needed a rescue, and wanting to take a picture, and/or should i put my camera down, etc. but it ended as fast as it began, with her getting out on her own - didn't seem to even faze her, so lets hope she likes the water - mom

  5. Yippee for your mom! I'm so sorry Tucker is so sick. I know how that breaks your heart. oxox


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