Sunday, April 13, 2008

i still have so much more to post about Artfest, but with Tucker being sick, it has consumed almost all my time and energy. i am physically and emotionally exhausted. it is so hard to see him sick, breaks my heart. jeff just took over, so i'm going to try and get a few hours of sleep. i want to hope that we are turning the corner tonight with his cough. it has been non stop for a week and i think i see it easing up a bit tonight after i had our neighbor/doctor start him on a course of steroids and an antibotic yesterday. please send your thoughts to him to get better ASAP!


  1. Healthful wishes for Tucker and restful wishes for you.


  2. SENDING HEALING HUGZ!!!!! It is sooo youngest daughter was robbed where she works this weekend...(she was robbed just over a year ago...also) just as you begin that moment in time when your heart rests...(a comfort zone...) wham...makes it harder to move back to that zone...


  3. Of course we are sending him all the healing thoughts and love he could possibly use and some for reserves.

    To ease the pain in his throat give him some elderberry syrup or black berry syrup, usually you can find it at the natural food store in the pharmacy section. Always worked wonders for the children and we still use it.

    Hugs to you and get some rest, the world always looks gray when we are tired and emotionally drained.


  4. Major Major get well with a quickness!

  5. Hope Tucker is getting better, bless his heart!!! and yours!!! Get some rest and then tell us more about artfest!!! Healing wishes for Tucker!!!! Hang in there!!-Sandra


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