Tuesday, April 8, 2008

heading home tomorrow!

Well Michelle and i did our fair share of shopping and dining the last few days. her husband went out of town on business, so we were left to our own devices here in Portland (and we really didn't mind......). We hit a thrift store, several antique stores, several junk stores, several art/paper stores and some awesome gift stores. I sent a box home today of some stuff from artfest so that i had some room for the goodies i was purchasing yesterday and today. yesterday we had lunch at the antique store we were at (Monticello's). it was a cute little restuarant attached to the store. Dinner last night was at Azteca, a mexican restaurant. i ate so much i felt sick! today we went to more gifty type stores. we went into a wonderful store called "Flutter" which was heavenly. i took some photos in there that i will share later. another fun store we checked out was "Imp".She had some really sweet aprons. Lunch was at a local place called "Tin Shed". i had a delicious BBQ cheddar burger and some french onion soup. before leaving for Collage, we ran across the street to a cute little clothing boutique called "Frock". totally darling store. i bought my son a t-shirt, some shrinky dink earrings and an awesome vintage purse, which was a steal at $18. can't wait to post the pic of the purse, because that bag would have been over a $100 on the east coast. Michelle and i think it was way underpriced. next was Collage, an art supply store. great store!
then we went to another area for some quick shopping before stopping for a bite to eat at a crepe restaurant. now i am just packing up and getting ready for the long day tomorrow.


  1. I was just over at &rew's blog ;)

    oh my! it looks as though you all had so much fun! I can't wait to see more photos from both of your blogs~ so sad I missed out this year at Artfest ~

    loved the garden gloves you found! that was a brilliant idea ;)

    xo!! ~Bella

  2. Hi Kecia,

    Sounds like you gals had fun. I can't wait to read your official artfest post, and see your photos. I just visited Sara's blog. It looked amazing, sorry I missed it.

  3. travel safely and amuse yourself with all your happy memories of Artfest and Seattle.


  4. just checking to see if you'd posted photos yet -
    sounds you tore up portland! i can't wait for you to get home so that i can get the scoop on artfest!
    i've missed our daily emails and am looking forward to us getting back into the groove!
    travel safely, xoxo, jan


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