Tuesday, April 15, 2008

so boo is off to the vet tomorrow to remove this "whatever it is". interestingly though, tonight when i was petting her on the other side, she acted like it was sore. (but doesn't act like the tumor is sore). so i'm like what the heck? now, i'm starting to think she's been in a fight or something. something is definitely off; especially since she did not have this when i left and the vet said that tumors usually don't grow that fast in one week. hmmmmm. i'm so glad i notice this though and i will bring it up tomorrow when she gets dropped off and discuss it first before surgery.
tuck when to school today. i got up at 6:00am to start getting him ready. he needs some breathing treatments and CPT (gently pounding on his back to bring up secretions). then i got him fed, dressed and ready to go. the second i heard that bus coming i turned him over to jeff and went back to bed til 10:00 (or was it 11:00?). the rest of the day i've spent creating little funky wallpaper people. i made 5 of them. mine are about 1' 4" versus the 5' we did in class! they turned out great and i will put them up for sale at my show on sunday (unless anyone wants to see them first, just let me know). i'll post pictures tomorrow.


  1. Hope all goes well for Boo at the vet tomorrow. They are just like our children aren't they!!
    Look forward to seeing your wallpaper people in your next post

  2. Glad Tucker got to school yesterday and you got to go back to bed. Hope all goes well for Boo. The wallpaper people will, no doubt, sell quickly. I look forward to seeing your post of them. Enjoy your sale.


  3. I'm glad your son is feeling better! and how did the kitty make out?
    and... where are the picks of the wallpaper people! I bet they are awesome! have you started you miniature for the swap? I'm havent.. but I'm ready to! Maybe this weekend..between the yard work!

  4. hey, njj, NOW i see what you've been doing to keep yourself so busy!
    i hope kitty is okay.
    we had to take baxter to the vet for surgery about two weeks ago - want a hint as to how much this is gunna cost ya?? lol
    but it doesn't make any difference, does it? they're our children just like dillon and tucker, craig, blake and clay!
    i am so anxious to see the pics of your wall people!! let me know when you get the pics up:)

    been missin' ya,


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