Sunday, April 22, 2012

visiting with Pam Carriker

 My drive from Tennessee was a little gloomy. The weather was rainy and dark. It really affected my mood as I don't enjoy driving in that sort of weather.

Had a lovely visit with Pam. She was the hostess with the mostess! There was fresh flowers in my room,  presents (some of her new products to try, yipee!). She cooked me some delicious meals (chicken tortilla soup, eggs benedict with mimosas for breakfast and then took me out for a yummy dinner at The Texas Roadhouse).

Yesterday she taught me how to do a lino cut using one of my images. It was really fun. I 'd never tried carving before and I am so glad she shared this with me. I love the idea of furthering my art by taking drawings and having another way to use them.




 this is how my cut looked in the end; so fun! Pam will be teaching this class at Create in Irving, CA in May and then a different version of this at Art Unraveled in Phoenix in August.



 then we did a little swap; paintings for jewelry. i love acquiring art this way!


this is Pam's fur baby, Relay. I really had to work hard to earn his love; but in the end, we were good friends!


  Left Pam this morning, making my way to Amarillo. Stopped a few times to grab some fun, unexpected roadside shots:


After arriving in Amarillo, I made dinner plans to go to the world famous "Big Texan Steakhouse", where the shuttle from the restaurant comes to the hotel to pick you up. the shuttle turns out to be an old limo with some good old bull horns on the front of it!


Tomorrow I head to Taos, New Mexico to stay with friends, Leighanna Light and Thomas Ashman.


  1. looks like an awesome road trip. May you have beautiful weather from here on out. If I'm not traveling when you make it to Colorado, I'll drive up to Denver to see you. :) ♥

  2. Good Morning miss kicia ..I'm loving your road trip ,photos and All ..thanks for shareing ..peace out Heather xoxoxo

  3. Dismal, dark weather when driving is never enjoyable...more stressful than anything and it does affect the mood. Hopefully you'll be seeing many sunny skies from here on. Your time with Pam sounded lovely -- you were pampered and taken care of and that's nice when you've been on the road. I love the photos from Amarillo -- great memories you are making on this journey Kecia!

  4. Hey Kecia, I've eaten at that steak house a long time ago. Do they still have the gianormous steak that if you eat the whole thing it's free? Are you heading to California now? email me if you're anywhere near Santa Cruz/Los Gatos!! Or call 408-353-1609

    safe journey!

  5. OH MY GOSH - that Steak House is the one and only place I have ever been to in Texas. Husband and I took a cross country trip back in 2005 and we stopped there for dinner on our way home. Love reading your travel updates!


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