Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day on the road: Tennesse to Arkansas

Today I left Tennessee making my way to Little Rock, where I am spending the night in a hotel. When I realized that I would be driving through Memphis, I decided that I must stop by Graceland. So I hung out with Elvis for a little bit. It was fascinating to see the house (you don't get to go upstairs; only the main level and downstairs). It's like being in a time warp, with it's '70's decor. Elvis paid $100,000 for Graceland, which has 13 acres.


this is Elvis's living room, where he spent quite a lot of time.


The formal dining room. I fell in love with that chandelier. Such a pretty set up


the stairs to Elvis's private lair. The tour doesn't go up there as we were told, it was a private area in during his life and remains private in his death.


Elvis's tv room. Supposedly he wanted 3 tv's after hearing that President Lyndon Johnson had three sets to keep up with all the major network newscasts at the same time. There were other cool rooms such as the billiard room and the jungle room. you can read more about Elvis's interesting decorating style here.


this is Elvis's trophy room and it was huge! it housed all his gold records, awards, movie costumes, show costumes and all kinds of cool memorabilia.


Elvis was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis but after someone attempted to steal his remains, his father, Vernon, petitioned to have his body moved to Graceland. He was reburied in one of his most beloved areas on the property called, The Mediation Garden, along side his mother, his grandmother and then eventually his father. (Elvis died in 1977 and his father died in 1979). Read everything you didn't know about Elvis here!

The statue of Jesus was a Christmas gift to Elvis from friends. it stands nearby, overlooking his grave.


  1. I guess it makes sense that Elvis would be buried at Graceland. The home is more than a museum, it's a shrine of sorts and it is he ideal resting place for him.

    Glad you took the time to stop. Wherever this is something of historical value or interest it's a good idea to stop for however long you can to soak up the local history and the atmosphere.

  2. Good Morning Kicia.. thank you for takeing us on your Road trip ...the photos are fab ! have fun be safe ..peace and love Heather.


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