Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Touring Taos

 Yesterday Leighanna and Tom took me around Taos and outer lying areas. It was really great to see the area. So much beauty and interest. We went to a really cool place called Earthships of Taos, where a little community of green homes that use natural and recycled materials. The homes are fascinating! check out the website and take some of the virtual tours.



these are pictures from around town and a few other areas that we visited



Leighanna does the coolest art, working with found objects and sculpting her own cool faces. You can check out her art here.


and this is a doll in Leighanna's house that I thought was so beautiful. Leighanna shared with me that her doll was a special purchase at a Paris flea market a few years ago. 


  1. Loving reading about your adventure and seeing all of your great pictures! Hope you are having a fabulous trip.

  2. Taos looks like a beautiful place and you certainly managed to visit some interesting spots. The photography is all interesting and I do like the one of you in the mirror/with the broken glass. Very artsy! Thanks for sharing Leighanna's art -- I'm off to check out more about her. I have heard her name but never really seen any of her work.

    Kecia, you are making some wonderful memories on this trip and allowing all of us to live vicariously through you!

  3. Kecia, the link for Leighanna doesn't work -- says the blog doesn't exist. I'm going to google her...

  4. Enjoying the journey with you my brave friend!
    My new favorite pic is you in the side view mirror of the rusty truck ... awesome!!


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