Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michael deMeng was here

Michael deMeng was here this past weekend and taught a 2 day workshop at Lemoncholy's Studio. WOW-did we have fun. It was a perfect number (10 of us), so it wasn't overwhelming and everyone received that special attention and help that Michael is so well known for. He is a great problem solver and wonderful at handling whiney women (no names will be mentioned, but you know who you are, lol) As a teacher, Michael is extremely patient and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing techniques. He's a hard worker and even well after clocking out; while some of us were still working, he graciously stepped in to answer questions. Kudos for such dedication, Michael. I think we even hooked him for a return booking come Oct. 2012.

tool tutorial with Michael. very informative and so helpful to the wanna be "tool time gal", who is a little afraid to venture into such mechanics. He showed how easy the were to use and took the fear factor out of power tools.


one of my bff's, kim, hams it up with her project in progress


another bff, Leslie, works that DAP on her dollface/camera bag.


my project in progress. instead of a purse, i chose to work with an old metal mailbox. My piece was something i was making for dillon, so the whole time i had to gravitate away from my feminine side and work elements that would appeal to a young man. the first element i chose to include was a scrimshaw piece that we found at a garage sale (dillon was with me at the time). the piece was made in 1989 by the elderly man who was having the garage sale and most likely was indeed, intended for a clock. dillon is very much into these mystical creatures of the imagination and i knew it was perfect to start off with.


Michael working with Jennifer and the use of the cut off wheel.


Leslie took a couple of shots of me as i begin to add to my piece.


bobble head Bobby was a side project i was working on. He will show his face a few times through out the weekend. A mascot of sorts..................


Leslie's camera bag starts to take shape..........


here's Evelyn's piece as she is working. She chose a really cool, old leather vessel. She thinks at one time it held maps. Perhaps a very tall binocular case? whatever it use to be - it was cool and she was definitely making it cooler! she made her own doll head using techniques she learned in an earlier class, last year, also hosted by me, with Colleen Moody.


Martha and Jennifer working hard


my piece is starting to transform.........


"creepy doll glow", a painting technique, ala Michael that we learned.


still adding elements to my piece


Bobble bobby decides it's happy hour and enjoys a spot of Amarula


at lunch we get to see some samples from Michael's Artfest 2012 class, "Brushes gone bad". these were so cool! the red one sold in a flash.


Kim goes outside and works the torch to create amazing texture to her piece.


Sweet Lani's purse takes on a puppet appearance


more torching!


Bobble head Bobby gets painted


critique time! all the amazing projects for us to express our wonderment over.


class photo


Michael discusses our pieces


kim listens intensely as Michael talks about the applications of his techniques and how each individual applied them to their own specifications.


Lani's puppet puts on a show


a fun weekend, sadly, comes to conclusion with lots of laughter


closeups of my project


the last thing i need to do for my piece to be finished is to paint the inside of the mailbox, which opens with a key. i won't do too much to it. just a wash of something to make it look completed. the heart on the inside symbolizes my love for my son.


thank you Michael for coming to New Jersey and for such an amazing workshop. I know every lady left feeling incredible and with much accomplished. See you next year!


tomorrow me and Ruth Rae are off to Danbury, Connecticut to teach at Art is You. see you when we get back!


  1. the weekend totally rocked! we had alot of fun and i enjoyed all the help michael gave to me, i know i was the whiner, lol..
    thank you for hiring warner for the food, drinks and the starbucks run!
    you are a totally amazing woman ~thank you again for your hospitality and all you do for us gals~xox~
    ps..i do not know why it want let me post the normal way?

  2. ok i fixed what was wrong!xox~kim

  3. Great weekend, Kecia. On so many levels! Thanks to you and Jeff for your wonderful hospitality. Can't wait for next year!

  4. It looks like a fabulous time and I wish I could've made it! I have high hopes for 2012.

  5. What a great weekend Kecia! Thank you so much for hosting this amazing workshop! I loved, loved, loved it!!!

  6. What a great class with Michael!! Some truly odd works created, but odd as they might be, they are totally stunning. You can see everyone was enjoying this, Michael as well and when the teacher and the students are enjoying themselves you know it is a "good" time.

    Love all the pieces (including Bobble Head Bobby!) and what you did for Dillon is something I know he is going to treasure...hard to believe that was once just a plain old mailbox!


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