Saturday, April 30, 2011

Workshop at Tinsel Trading Company


Have you heard? Tinsel Trading is starting up workshops again and I've been asked to teach a class there. I'm very excited to offer my class, "Bohemian Romance- an illuminated journey" as we spend the afternoon doing some mixed media magic and a touch of soldering for good measure, as we transform metal lampshades into our own personal chandeliers.

I've made many of these little beauties and each one is prettier than the next! I've personalized them for my house and as gifts. (this one is a birthday gift as well. I wonder if she'll be able to figure it out....) For the class sample (pictures above), I used a combination of personal items, items donated by Tinsel Trading for me to incorporate into my sample and also a few goodies I purchased from that store that I fell in love and knew would be perfect for my project.

So come join me on June 25th from 12:30 to 4:30. you can find more details on The Tinsel Trading website. If you know anyone who will be in NYC at that time, let them know about the class!


  1. I am passing this on to a friend in NYC! Wish I were closer! I am in Colorado! Your photos are so lovely. Have a great weekend Anne

  2. ♪so far away♪(can you hear carol king singing that ?) anyways.. thats what came through my head. I wish I lived closer. I would love to take one of your classes and I would love to visit tinsel trading!
    Oh well.. youre always having so much fun..
    hmmmm.. as I recall, I have an old wire lampshade frame somewhere... I may just go look for it... right... now!
    happy May day!

  3. Love these Kecia!!! There are some hanging lights I'd love to lose in our new house. I'd absolutely love taking this class. Lucky are those that are closer and able to join in the fun : )

  4. I have only just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I am thrilled that I did !!! Gorgeous !


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