Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iphone fun

Have i ever told you that i LoVe my iphone? well i do! Dillon says i have a problem.... (guess he noticed it while we were traveling) i can't help myself. i love gadgets, i love photography and i love my iphone!

I found an app that allows you to doodle on your photographs. It's called DrawCast. I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to practice painting in faces. I can keep doodling til i feel like it is right and don't have to worry about paint, mess or ruining it!

the first photo (above) was of some street graffiti that i took while walking around downtown Seattle. Then i did some sketching/painting in DrawCast for the second picture.


in the next group i used a photo that i took outside a store in Seattle. It's a pretty, patina'd angel statuary. It was fun to draw on this photo because the face was already set up for me.

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