Sunday, June 6, 2010


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tuck has been quite sick. it's been 12 days now. 12 days of coughing, sneezing, suctioning, stress, fear, angst, heat, exhaustion. it's just an upper respiratory thing brought on by seasonal allergies that has gotten out of control. the air quality index around here as been alarming high and he just can not tolerate whatever it is that is outside right now. i use to joke that he was on lock down; but seriously that kid is not going outside until the weather improves. he has no fever, but an uncontrollable cough. try coughing 12 days straight in a row with very little relief. try listening to it as a parent and not be able to stop it. he cannot take any sort of codeine to quell the cough. finally yesterday, as a last result, i opted to put him on steroids since the cough is more inflammatory. today, so far, we have very little coughing. on the downside, the steroids will affect him and give him that "roid rage" as i like to call it. with tuck it will manifest itself through his body tone, which will get tight and rigid.
my friend, kim, is here visiting so i am dividing my time between showing her around, going to flea markets, etc. all at the same time as trying to maintain control of the fearful feelings i have when he is sick. it's very hard to put on a brave face and she was sweet and asked my to stop trying to be so brave. i appreciate that.
today we are going to do some art and we all know how therapeutic that is.


  1. So sorry to hear Tucker is under the weather. Some days it's not so easy being a mom, especially when a child is hurting, physically or emotionally. Enjoy your 'day of art-therapy' and know that ya'll are in my prayers!!
    Pat, A Remade Life

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you both, honey. Hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear Tucker is sick. We have been dealing with the same illness here too. Hope today's art therapy works its magic.

  4. hey kecia...
    that young man is a trooper as are all of you. I was just thinking back to the fall at journalfest when the gal suggested to me to put vix on the bottom of my feet and white socks over... to help with that awful cough I had... and it really worked... I don't know if will help tucker... but maybe worth a try.

    xo - girly

  5. Having a child of my own that was born with a chronic illness I can totally relate to how you are feeling right now. My prayers continue for you and Tucker. Perhaps the air quality will improve enough that he will find relief and be able to get off those 'roids!

  6. are one tough chic but sometimes you have to release to be strong go with Kim's advise & stop trying to be brave..I hope that doing art today will help you to release what is built up inside of you... peace love & many prayers & blessings 2 Tuck, U, Jeff & dillon and to Kim for being a good friend, Marlene xoxo

  7. hang in there, girl, you are doing all you can to help, and you just gotta give it time. Bless you both!

  8. Sweetie, so sorry to hear about your son being sick. I know it's tough on both of you. Thankfully, you have your art and your friends. Will say a prayer. Big hug and see you in two weeks.

    PS I think the pollen and air quality will get better this week.

  9. I am thinking of you and Tuck and sending much love and healing thoughts. I will light Quan Yin's candles for him as well. Take care dear, you are loved here.


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