Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a big thank you

i just wanted to send big thank you out to my friend, Gail, of Creative Workshops and Shabby Cottage Studio, who has been working her butt off to put tabs on my blog (the tab links that are now showing underneath my banner. i can run my blog and add photos, but that's about all i can handle. my brain in full and i'm having a hard time reading directions, understanding codes, etc. so i've admitted defeat and have outsourced to friends to help me (and they either get paid or we barter!) anyway, gail has had to study codes, find tutorials, etc. all so that i can have it the way i want it (i sound spoiled...) - but she 's finally gotten them in and i'm just so appreciated of all her hard work. friends have been going above and beyond for me with this sort of stuff and it is a huge relief off my shoulders.

another friend, Myrna of FoxgloveTonic, is helping me behind the scenes of my website to simplify it and make it more user friendly for me. When i got a peek at it the other day, i felt a huge relief and now some of the weight on my shoulders is lifting (as in me feeling pressured with all the things to keep up with; etsy, website, blogging) my brain really can't deal with all this techie stuff, i'm maxed out! i was so impressed with her descriptions of my work that will appear on the home page. Myrna has also gone above and beyond what i was expecting and i am grateful we stumbled across each other.

so heartfelt thanks to Gail and Myrna; especially after these long 3 weeks! i don't think either of them (or other friends that have been pitching in) will ever know how grateful i am. i would recommend both of them in a heart beat for any sort of computer techie/blog/digital sort of question or website design help. (and check out some of the classes that Gail's site has to offer. they are diverse, fun and interesting!)

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