Friday, April 16, 2010

behind the scenes during art opera

i hosted Ruth Rae and Traci Bautista here at my house during Art Opera. i also had my friend, Jane and another couple, Scott and Taryn of Navel Jelly Studios stay here. it was a packed house, but we had a lot of fun. i enjoyed the camaraderie and it was nice to have so many art people under my roof! it was fun to show off my home and receive such warm praise for my decorating style. One day after teaching, Ruth, Traci and i had lunch, hit some antique stores before heading home. i didn't tell them, but on the way home, i did a slight detour so that i could take these guys by the beach which is quite close to my home. the beaches here in NJ are very pretty and well maintained. When we arrived at the beach, it had gotten very windy and cold and we were all under dressed. but we braved the elements to get out, take pics and put our toes in the water (well, i did not put my feet in the water - i refused!) but it was a lovely way to end the day and i'm glad we ventured out.

after we got back home and had some dinner, traci and ruth were kind enough to autograph their books for me. can't beat your own personal book signing party!

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  1. You lucky girl! The pics are wonderful, what a great time you must have had and your own private book signing.


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