Sunday, July 29, 2007

poor Pepper isn't feeling well

yesterday Pepper, was acting kind of funny. she does this sometimes, so we didn't think too much about it. But this morning when she wouldn't get out of "her" chair, i went and got her and put her on the ground, so that she could go outside and potty - she fell over! i knew that wasn't a good sign. so dillon and i took her to the emergency vet hospital. she had a fever of 105.6 (which dogs run higher than us, but even the vet said that was high). they wanted to do xrays and blood work and keep her overnight for IV fluids, but i was a little concerned about "how much this was going to cost"! i've been to this place before and it isn't cheap! i asked if it was possible to put her on an antibotic and give her a bolus of fluids (injecting water under her skin) and then i could take her to my own vet tomorrow for the tests. she (the vet) said that was fine, since pepper wasn't going to crash any minute or anything. we agreed that if anything went down during the rest of the day, that i would bring her back.
so she's home and resting. her fever seems to go up and down. i carried her out to go pee and have been bringing the water bowl to her chair and helping her drink. she's eating some food - so that is encouraging. her middle to hind region seems very sensitive and she tightens up when you pet her on her hind quarters - so i am sure it is related. i've left word with my vet that she needs to be seen tomorrow, so we will go from there. it is sad though watching her walk around (when she was outside going pee), because she is all wobbly and looks pathetic. very heartbreaking when your pet is sick.


  1. You are correct! It's heartbreaking (and costly)!

  2. make sure you give me an update on sweet pepper..sending good thoughts ...xoxo~kim

  3. Poor baby.....I hope she is o.k.

    Best ~ Rella


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