Saturday, July 28, 2007

finished designing and taping my charms for tiara

i knew i was going to do this, so i wasn't surprised when i decided to redo almost all my charms. i had originally wanted to use some letters, but didn't have what i wanted last night at class. so tonight, i figured i'd just do them they way i wanted them.

so i finished "redesigning" and taping my charms. i was watching the movie "Blood Diamonds" at the same time, so my work went pretty slow. but it was an enjoyable way to spend my evening.

tomorrow i will start doing some soldering!


  1. Can't wait to see it !

    and hey, your link to my Blogger site still doesn't work :P Forget about my Yahoo one, I use it once in awhile.

  2. THIS IS GOING TO BE A TIARA??!!! OMG, I cannot wait to see it!!! So far the pieces are stunning. I did one tiny soldering project many months ago...burned myself and thought I better get the stuff and practice. So far I have not, but boy oh boy do I want to. You are inspiring me.
    Best ~ Rella

  3. When you told me you were making a tiara I had no idea it was going to be so stinkin' fabulous!!
    You're making me proud, little ninja!!! LOL

    Barbie Jan (B.J.)


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