Thursday, June 28, 2007

flight got cancelled!

dillon went to a graduation party tonight, so jeff and i went to dinner for "pre-cruise" drinks. while we are in transit to another stop for (more) drinks, i get a message on my phone saying our flight has been cancelled. the message says, please call back so that we may get you on another flight. so i call back, but because i am not at home i don't have any of the info they need (reference #'s, etc.). so i leave jeff and his friend and come home to figure this out. that was 2 hours ago and i just got off the phone! ugh.

basically ALL east coast flights have been cancelled. Air Canada had no other flights to offer and directed me to Continental who had a flight i should check. Continental had nothing either. then my neighbor,Jane (her son, Josh, is going with us) called me and said she found a flight on United flying to San Fran and then onto Vancouver -so we decided to book it. Then she calls back and says, "it just got cancelled"!

finally my travel agent calls me and says there is nothing in the morning. she 's going to start making calls at 6am when things open and seeing what she can get for the afternoon. if she can't get us out tomorrow, she's going to get us to meet up with the ships first stop. how much does this suck?

i'm kind of bummed right now. and as i am rolling my eyes, i'm telling myself "it will all work out". blah blah blah!


  1. Would it help if I screamed with you ? "AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" and grab a feather pillow and shake out all the feathers then suck them up with a really big vaccuum. Oh brother what a pain, I will pray they find you a flight before the cruise. Hugs, T :)

  2. Oh that figures! In this case I believe I would just sit by my cellphone, and continue the drinking that you started last night! That travel agent better come up with something!

  3. what a drag...hope everything works out.


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