Tuesday, June 26, 2007

flea market finds - closeups

Here is a wedding photo from the 7 large vintage photos i got for $10. the clothes are so beautiful. i also got this bride bisque doll for $6 and the wedding couple for $1
So we leave in 3 days for the cruise. the car is coming for us at 4am - ugh! that will be a long day with the flight and all. it will be nice to finally get on the boat. i still have to go to the bank and turn in all the change we've been saving for about 6 months. it took FOREVER to get it out of the glass jar (a huge vintage jar, which was really heavy) and then i had to sort it because my husband wants all the wheat pennies and certain state quarters. (i just sorted, i am not going through all those coins!) later me and dillon will run them over to the bank and get dollars for them. my guess is there is about $360 in coins there. i'll let you know the total later. i should have done a contest on this, because the jar was FULL!

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  1. Wow! That old wedding photo is quite a find! How Gorgeous! I'm green with envy.


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