Friday, March 4, 2011

boho bathroom curtain

in the upstairs part of the house is a tiny little bathroom which i use. I always tend to think that it was an illegal bathroom, not up to code, etc. It's a bit outdated although i replaced the toilet and sink (and the sink i hate because it's a weird type of material that stains easily, so it always looks dirty from when i'm cleaning my paint brushes!) But i've done the best i can do with it given their is no money in the budget to renovate it.

so it's always had the brown, floral valance, but i never put in a mini blind, because i really don't like them and i like the light that comes in. It was after i had some house guests that i thought, well maybe i should cover the window a bit to make them more comfortable! (the side of the yard the window faces is lined with trees and i know the layout of my neighbors house and they live towards the other side, so the "open ness" never bothered me!)

So i got out some of my vintage linens, lace, scraps and more and started designing a curtain. it's a no frills get up. i didn't want to buy or add another curtain rod, so i sewed it long enough to just staple the curtain underneath the valance. (or is that just being lazy?).

i love how it turned out. it has a funky element to it, very freestyle, recycled, etc. and also during the day after my shower, i just put the curtain up over the valance to let that light shine in.

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