Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artfest is almost here

I leave for Seattle in two weeks for Artfest, so i've been busy packing supplies, clothes, stuff for vendor night. I'm always so paranoid i'm going to forget something important. I put a message out in the yahoo group if someone locally would loan me a vintage suitcase for vendor night and i ended up hooking up with this sweet girl, Michelle, who is driving her camper to Artfest and is bringing me not only a suitcase or two, but a table top manikin (for vendor night) and some extension cords for my class. how cool is that? i made her a necklace to say thank you. I love how people are always so willing to pitch in. So that's what i have been up to.

here are some pictures of things i've created to sell vendor night, along with some jewelry and junk:

Tomorrow is Dillon's 18th birthday. I am almost speechless that he is turning 18. where has the time gone?

also, Jane is coming down on Friday and we are going to play and then go see Dillon perform as Kinicki in Wall High's version of Grease. can't wait to see his "Grease Lightening" number! i'm excited to share my sons talents with Jane!

i'm 20 followers away from hitting 500. i think i should do something special. what do you think?
any cause for celebration, i always say!


  1. I say, leave the oreos on the table...what's the sense in putting them away? They just get eaten anyway!! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate...every day!!! Almost 500 followers..woo hoo!!! A testament to your wonderfulness...Congrats, Joyce

  2. Wow, 500 followers, that is so great:-) And the stuff looks amazing!

  3. Have a wonderful trip! I've heard great things about that event.


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