Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend with Colleen Moody

Boy did we have an amazing weekend. Colleen Moody flew in and 20 of us took a 2 day workshop with her on sculpting a bird out of paperclay. We made our own feet and wings as well. As you can imagine, there was lots of laughs and fun. We got a good deal done on our dolls and then Sunday night after dinner, a few of us continued to work on our dolls while Colleen sat and relaxed (she worked hard, our Colleen!)

Colleen brought me this gorgeous doll as a gift. I know, i know, I'm a lucky girl!


and this is what i gifted Colleen with


the morning started off with a visit from kashie


and then it was time to get to work!


here's where i am at with my doll. she is a ballerina. she has her dress, it just needs to be sewn in the back. I'm thinking for her head, i'm going to make a crown out of some vintage metal fencing that i have.

thanks again to Colleen for a wonderful weekend and jetting across the united states to share your art and talents with us!


  1. This class looks like it was such fun! Love everyone's dolls.


  2. Great photos, I had the best time and learned so much!
    Colleen rocks! Thanks again for hosting Kecia!

  3. Keesh, it looks like EVERYONE had a wonderful time and boy did you have a great turn-out!
    I love your ballerina a LOT. I have a thing for ballerinas and your's is beautiful.

    Do I see a redhead in your group named Rita??
    From Texas??
    Like 20 minutes from me??
    I think I do!
    How about that!!

    Have missed you, sugar.
    It feels good to feel good enough to start catching up after losing a year.


  4. so much fun!!!! love seeing all the pictures. now i want to make a doll!

  5. it was a awesome visit for me and one of my favorite and funniest girl weekends!!! xox~


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