Friday, January 7, 2011

Great News!

The Art-is-You gals are spreading the love around and bringing their event to California in September. The event will take place in Petaluma, California, September 22 - September 26th.

here are just a few of the instructors who will be teaching there:

Dara DiMagno
JoAnnA Pierotti
Kerin Gale & Charley Slaughter
Laurel Steven
Laurie Meseroll
Laurie Mika
Leighanna Light
Lesley Venable
Linda Willis
Nicole Bowen
Nina Bagley
Pamela Huntington
Serena Barton
Shelly Massey
Thomas Ashman
Traci Bautista
Keith lo bue
Stephanie lee
Judy wise
and MORE!

stop by and check it out and if you sign up for some classes, let me know which ones!

**you'll notice i am not teaching- that's because Dillon is off to school about that same time and i will be watching tucker while jeff gets dillon moved to Florida. But i might fly in at the end to take a few classes!

and for you east coasters- the Oct. art retreat will be taking place in Danbury, Connecticut on the 6th-11th. Come and join us!

here are my classes for Danbury:

Tin Art Jewelry and more


Home is where the heart is


Adventures in Resin


My crowning glory


Lulu's Tutu


  1. I just made my room reservation for Petaluma!!! I am so excited about being on the West Coast but am super bummed that you won't be there.
    :) I've been looking into our Big Easy trip though.



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