Sunday, September 6, 2015

A fall September morn

I love to go walking in the field behind our house in the early mornings of fall. The lighting is excellent, fresh dew on the ground and an occasional deer or fox   spotted zipping by. A slight breeze whistles quietly as cicadas/grasshoppers hum in the background. The birds are singing and the peacefulness adds promise to a beautiful day. 



  1. this post took me back to a past.i knew and . to the exact same.... walkin in the field behind my childhood home... what a great experience to have had ... nature and all the colors of the world... thanks for making me remember that field and time... xx

  2. Kecia, what beautiful photos!! I love how you have captured the morning dew and the rays on that angel are just stunning!

  3. Beautiful mother nature never fails to give us the sights to enjoy and praise its beauty. The pictures are outstanding. Dew looks like diamonds on the leaves.


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