Thursday, June 11, 2015

Journey Boy

He's a young boy living on his own, off the grid. He was raised in the wild and that's all he's knows. He's extremely earth friendly and is all about COEXISTing with his fellow creatures. 

His home is an cool old metal chair, that he ofound in a cave. He's  a treasure keeper and cherishes everything that he finds (shells, bones, old pottery, driftwood  and other such wonderful and amazing  things he finds along the way. Once he found a beautiful old glass sphere, covered in lichen covered rope. 

Recently he found a nest with 3 perfectly gorgeous robin eggs. The nest appeared to be abandoned, so he took it upon himself to love and cherish them; even if they never hatch. It's the family concept, you see. 

He wove a special nest holder, out of grapevine, to fit underneath his metal chair, so that he knew the eggs were safe and secure. Some of his most favorite finds are woven into the grapevine; the making of a warm and cozy home. 

Jewelry is very important to Journey. He collects treasures and then turns them into wearable pieces of art. Every milestones he creates a new piece. 

Equally, totems represent familiarity and establishes his clan. He loves to perform gravity glue with rocks and leaves his special art pieces where ever he can.


  1. I enjoyed your post and the wonder Journey "Treasure Keeper"

  2. Your Journey Boy is very charming, and I don't mean just his jewelry! Very clever :)


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