Sunday, January 20, 2013

Registration for Home is Where the heART is

Please Read before purchasing so that you know what to expect!

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our venture. PLEASE make sure that I have a working email (if different from your paypal address, so that I can communicate with you (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!) and PLEASE add my email, to your address book, so that I don't end up in your spam folder. (AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT!).

disclaimers and policies:

Class will begin on February 14th and run for 8 weeks. The format will be that ALL the videos will be online and you can follow them at your own pace (and we will be here to answer all your questions). The blog will be password protected and you will receive that information before class begins on February 14th. While this is not a beginner soldering class, we do go over how to solder. But it is suggested you have a working knowledge of how to solder. There will be some quick links on the blog and one of them will be FAQ'S about soldering. I hope to cover all the typical questions that arise when people learn soldering. Before you ask me ANY soldering questions, I will suggest that you please read the FAQ's first, because more than likely you'll find your answer there.

You need hi speed internet and I can not guarantee that you will be able to watch your videos on your iPad, etc. The videos have been uploaded onto Vimeo and then embedded onto the blog.  Should you have trouble viewing the videos,  you will need working knowledge on how to address any computer issues. 

trouble shooting:

Sometimes you will need to do the following if the videos aren't working on your end:

  • download the latest Flash player
  • turn your computer off and on again
  • download the latest browser system. such as firefox, internet explorer, safari, etc.
  • clear your cache

After passwords go out, there are no refunds. Please understand the amount of work that has gone into this. Please make sure your expectations of this class are accurate by watching the promo video and viewing the project photos (see previous blog post). We are building a glass house via soldering, using mixed media techniques to create a very unique project. One that I have not seen taught before. It is our goal to present a fun, different and unique project for your to enjoy. Please communicate with us with any and all concerns and we will do our best to answer questions and help you out. 

There is a private fb group for the class. you can use either of these addresses to get there. Just send a request for me to approve to get into the page. Once you have paid for the class, you can join the group! 

With all that said, see you February 14th


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  1. do you have an estimate for the cost of materials to make the house. it is so gorgeous and tempting. my email is thanks, cindy


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