Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holiday mode

So since i've gotten home i have unpacked everything, cleaned house and then moved onto holiday stuff. I've got a show coming up next month in New York, Baubles and Bling, so i've been busy working on a few things for that. I've got plenty of jewelry in stock since i am horrible about listing it on etsy (one of these days!), so i've been making a few holiday themed projects. I've been making wreaths using some of the vintage items that i have been collecting for the past few years. So besides that, it's been pretty quiet around here.This weekend, Dillon, his girlfriend, Alana and I are going to the Zombie Walk in Asbury Park. I shall be dressing up as Marilyn Monroe zombie. Cross fingers for warm weather and NO rain! and of course, i shall post pictures of the event, which should be really, really interesting and cool. They are going for the Guiness World Record for the most zombies, so it'll be lots of fun!

after the show is over (Nov. 18th), whatever i didn't sell will be listed in my etsy shoppe.

also, don't forget about my blog hop that is coming up soon. here are the details from the original post which can be found here:

I wasn't going to introduce the hop til Nov. 1, but decided to do it now for a few reasons. first of all, as i said, top hats are hard to find. if you do come across one that fits you and it is under $60 then snatch it up! (if you see one antiquing, flea market, etc.) But what i was thinking, with Halloween right around the corner, costume top hats are going to be plentiful and using one for the hop is totally acceptable. i've been looking at stores the last few days just to get an idea and i've seen some super inexpensive plastic ones for a few bucks, to a nicer one that was $20. so by letting you know about it now, the better chances you have of finding something to use.

you can also look online, ebay, etsy, costume shops, etc. i've been researching online as well and they are out there. i saw one just yesterday on etsy for $35 (gone today though!) there are some newer ones on ebay for "buy it now" at not so bad prices ($45 ish)- but again, you are welcome to use a costume top hat.

The unveiling, or actual hop, will be Friday, Dec. 3rd ; that gives you 2 months to get ready! i will have a linky set up that morning where you can come to my blog and add your link to your post. i'm doing it that way because it'll be easier not to have to remember if i've emailed you that you are signed up, etc. so the responsibility is up to you to remember to come back and link up. i've told so many people about this hop, so i am hoping it will be a good one and fun! feel free to leave a comment here though, so i can gauge the interest.

Now, the best part! I will be picking a winner for the best in show (prize to be announced later) - so decorate your hats, go over the top, use your imagination and have fun. on your post, i'd really, really like it you also showed us a picture of you in your hats, which is going to help me in the judging. Please ladies, don't be shy, be proud and model your hat! i too will be playing along and decorating another hat - the ideas are flying! think feathers, think fou fou, think dolls, think outlandish!

I will keep posting reminders about the hop and there is a button you can grab for your blog to help remind you. feel free to blog about the hop and get the interest going!


  1. Kecia, LOVE your wreaths!! They are beautiful!! Can't wait for the Top hat derby hop!! Going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with!!! ;p

  2. Aha - top hat love! Hmmm, might just have to join in...btw, cute wreaths - you are one busy woman!

  3. SquEAL...are you girls sipping lemonade with out me....


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