Tuesday, March 9, 2010

weekend fun

this past weekend, my girlfriend, Jane and i, got together for some art fun. she was so sweet and really spoiled me! when i got there, she gave me my "kit" and told me we were making a tote! how cool is that? my kit was full of vintage materials, hoarded lace, bakelite buttons and more! you can follow the progress of the tote, by going left to right starting at the top left of the collage. (there also might be a visit or two with Gypsy the cat, or Pooter, her tiny little chihuahua). the second to the last photo is me trying to turn my tote from wrong side out to right side in. we were laughing because the instructions says, "now here comes the fun part" and i said, "i'm not sure this is very fun trying to get this whole bag thru the tiny opening!" the only issue i ended up having was one of the pockets that i worked so hard on - i ended up sewing it on upside down! typical kecia maneuver!

anyway, we had lots of fun. although, i can't say that i was very helpful, as followin
g patterns or reading directions are not my strong suit!

next, i will be hosting jane here for some art fun. i've already got our project lined up and am pu
tting her kit together!

i still have more posting to do on my vegas/cali trip; but i've fallen a tad behind! after getting back from jane's, i went into full spring cleaning m
ode since i have badly neglected my housekeeping duties. i also did some major purging, reorganizing of my studio and moved my sewing area downstairs into the basement. (got a little motivated by jane's clean and spacious workspace!) i worked my buns off for two days and feel like this place is clean, my studio and sewing area are organized and i can move ahead. isn't that what spring is all about?

here's a bookcase i got at the flea market on Sunday. it was built by this guy Steve, whom i have bought a few pieces from before. he collects vintage wood and then combines them into potting tables, bookcases, etc. it was the perfect size for this space in my studio. the room is kind of narrow, so it is hard to get a good pic, but these will give you the idea.


  1. how darling is that tiny pooch!
    and how sweet of jane looks like you two
    made some nice totes..jealous...

  2. gosh, love the bookcase...me I never have enough of those things...that and the space to put them...have to go and read more about your trip...thinking of you as spring arrives...Eden

  3. How fun! I love getting together and having play time with my friends. :) Plus, that shelf is fantastic!

  4. Love it! Everyone can use another bookcase. The minute you get it, it's completely filled, right?


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