Tuesday, November 24, 2009

childhood memories

how cute are these? i was going through some old stuff the other day and found these little drawings i did when i was 6 years old. it is my younger sister, kristi (note at age 6, i spelled it as "khis"), me in the middle and then my twin brother, kent. sadly, i've seen to have lost the portrait that i did of my older sister, kim. i just love the innocence and sweetness of these drawings. i doubt i was criticizing myself as i drew them. i also love how free they are. i wasn't worried about making them realistic or having perfect hands or fingers! they are just fun. now we just to apply those lessons to our adult art!

in other news, if you missed the post, i am having a holiday blog giveaway. see details here.

*i didn't seem fair that there wasn't a picture of my sister, kim, so i drew one up for her (complete with misspelled name as requested!)


  1. Oh these are just lovely! Always the talent!! I have several of my old drawings as a child too. So much fun.

    Happy Thankful Day!


  2. Really great! Long live the inner child.....

  3. I love how you made everyone a queen or king, so precious. And you did a great job on the "new" Kim drawing, love, love, love the heart hands.

  4. These are delightful!

  5. when my son was quite young i supplied him with paper, paints, cloured pens...and it was pure delight to watch his spontaneous creations. no "colouring books" ever found a place in our home. i wanted to see his dreams, thoughts, stories unfold before me. it was wonderous...unabashed, raw, real and beautiful.
    i marvel to this day at primal creativity, before the age the inner critic arrives.
    may we all know such pure joy and lay the inner critic to rest.
    lovely post, thank you for a glimpse into your childhood.


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